​​"Hawk's work is an anachronism in today's technology fueled society. His style is best described as a type of textural alchemy. 

He transforms natural and forgotten materials into time worn relics. The resulting works are a circus for your senses, begging you to imbibe in the primal depths of your imagination. These relics transcends the modern established boundaries of functional art, creating a unique harmony between old and new." ​​Kyle Gorgeson 

About the artist

Jason has been crafting as long as he can remember. His forging career began in 1999  has been forging blades since.

 ​In 2016 he achieved the rank of Master Smith under Neo Tribal Metalsmith founder and knife making legend Tai Goo. 

A honor he holds high and strives to live up to.

​​"I was born into a world that is forgetting the ways of the past. The look the smell the texture of every thing I create, brings me closer to what once was. 

I am consumed by creation of functional works. with a  authentic timeworn look, fussing over all of the devilish little details, till its right .

My work defines and roots me in a all to chaotic world."-Jason Hawk

Born in the Ozark mountains in Arkansas to a family of artists and craftsmen, he grew up in his fathers shop learning the skills of hand crafting. These skills melded with his love of the past and artistic talents to create the root of his trade. A trade that  would enable him  to travel and live in the U.S, and abroad making his wears along the way. From the wilds of Montana to the rural farmlands in Japan, he kept learning and infusing the techniques and traditions that would later create a unique and defined style. A style that Jason continues to expresses and evolve in a multitude of medias.

His insatiable artistic drive is constantly imagining, and conquering the 

new territories of artistic creation.